Swimming Chord Andrew Garfield

Capo 0 with [C] [D] [E] [Dm] [G#] [A#] [Cm] [C#m]

I hate this locker room
Why won’t Susan answer my calls?
Sweat, wet, echo, smell, hell, rap
Pump up the volume, hot, wet, hot, sweat

How’s the water?
Stretch, stretch, spit in the mask
Cloudy vision, test the water
Contemplate the dive, the shock to the skin
Anticipate the pain, the pain, the pain, the pain, the pain, ah!

One, two, three, oh, bite the air
‘Cept there’s that girl
One, two, three, oh, bite the air
Smooth, soft skin
Two, three, oh, bite thе
Thirteen, long legs – brown skin and wet hair
Oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh, and wet hair

Has Rosa еven listened to my tape?
Kick, stretch, windmill arm
See the hand, point the feet

Wet hair, relax, this guy’s too slow
15, can I make it to 40?
Too slow, touch his heel, move!
Answer my calls, red thin stripe
50 feet, 60 feet
She looks like Susan
Susan’s beautiful

Out, don’t think
Out, out, let it out
Keep the shoulder down
Down, easy, not too hard
Find the movement ori-gen
Hands no
Shoulder no elbows no
Lower from the back, yes, lower
Thirty nine, 40
Center! Center!

Forward motion through the water (come to your senses)
They’re scared (come to your senses, come to your senses)
I am soaring, I’m the water (you’re on the air, where’s the knight)
Escape (I’m on the ground, me as the queen)