Pavement – Harness Your Hopes

Capo 4 with [Dm] [F] [G] [A#] [C]

Harness your hopes on just one person
Because you know a harness was only made for one
Don’t telegraph your passes, you’ll end up with molasses
Cauterized with syrup and syrup and molasses

And I’m checking out the asses, the assets that attract us
To anything that moves.. we’re deep inside the grooves
And it’s time to shake the rations, ’cause someone’s gonna cash in
The plot it turns again.. the reference starts at ten

Show me a word that rhymes with pavement
And I won’t kill your parents and roast them on a spit
And a – don’t you try to etch it or permanently sketch it
Or you’re gonna catch a bad bad cold

And the freaks have stormed the white house, I moved into a lighthouse
It’s on a scenic quay, is oh so far away
Far away from the beginning, the shroud is made of linen
The yearling took the purse, the goth kid has a hearse

Heart breaking, earth quaking, kiwis they are home baking
Minds.. wide..o-pen.. truly

Leisure.. a leisure suit is nothing
It’s nothing to be proud of.. in this late century
And I’m asking you to hold me just like the morning paper
Pinched between your pointer, your index and your thumb

It’s a semi automatic.. believers are ecstatic
You see the way they cling.. the cold metallic sting
And I’m living in a coma.. for Donna DeVorona
The harness made of hopes.. the lovers on the ropes

Nun is to church as the parrot is to perch
And my heart’s wide o-pen truly