Nice To Meet You Chord Cody Simpson

Capo 0 with [C] [Em] [Am] [G] [F] [Fm] [G#] [A#]

The last words you spoke
Fell from flaming lips
Like an ember
I’d hoped that we’d meet again
But stormy nights like these
Help me remember

Must I let you go
Leaving me alone
I could cry but I’ll say,
”Niceto meet you”


It’s written on a face still stained with hope
Reading all the poetry I never wrote
Lights the bed on fire and I’m burning (And I’m burning)
Seeing the demise dripping from your eyes
Watch the tears fill a cup full of compromise
As the angel sighs, so unwise (So unwise)

Must I let you go
Leaving me alone
I’ll hide my eyes as I say,
”Niceto meet you”

Everything you wish you could erase
Memories you wish you could replace
You take all the blame but you would never take my place

Now that we’re outside
I should say, ”Goodbye”
Instead I’ll lie and say,
“It’s oh so very nice… to meet you”

Oh, it’s so very nice, yeah
Singing it out, yeah
Oh, oh-oh
Oh, it’s so very nice
C’mon, c’mon
Singing it out
Oh, it’s so very nice
I should say, “Goodbye” but
I should say, ”Goodbye” but
I’ll just say, “It’s oh so very nice to meet you”