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Life To Go Chord Billy Strings Video

Life To Go Chord Billy Strings

Capo 0 with [G] [D] [C]

I’ve got a sad sad story friends that I don’t like to tell
I had a home and family when they locked me in this cell
I’ve been in here eighteen years, a long, long time I know
But time don’t mean a thing to me, ’cause I’ve got life to go

Well I went one night where the lights were bright just to see what I could see
I met up with an old friend who thought the world of me
Well he bought me drinks and took me to every honky tonk in town
Words were said, and now he’s dead, I just had to bring him down

Well it’s been a long long time now, since I’ve heard from my wife
I know I’d be there with her if I hadn’t used that knife
Well I bet that little girl of mine don’t realize or know
Her Daddies’s been here eighteen years, I still got life to go


Well I’ll bet there’s not one man outside who’s spent this long in jail
I’ll be here in this prison ’til my body’s just a shell
No, I can’t be free to go and see the one’s that I love so
I’ve been in here eighteen years and still have life to go
I still have life to go
I still have life to go

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