I Spoke To The Devil In Miami He Said Everything Would Be Fine Chord XXXTENTACION

Capo 0 with

And I’m always where the sun don’t shine, the
Tears don’t show, won’t hurt me now ’cause
Heart’s been broke, I
Hate myself but It won’t show, I
Constantly lose all, my remorse, and it’s
Ten for the wolf and three for the shepherd and it’s
One for the sheep who led by a leopard, often
Gave his perception as a handle of weapon, took a
Bite of your apple, give me
All you can offer, now I’m

Trapped in a changing maze setting my soul ablaze
Couldn’t control the pace, where is this going? Hey
Heartless is recklessness, it is word of a pacifist to the
Word of a masochist, I’m off of the map, my Lord I
Spoke to a baphomet, he said he would save me if I
Gave him one thing he needed what is this thing I pleaded?
Boy, it’s the key to Eden

And as I spoke my fangs were shown
Taking aback the smiles, and tells me
What you crave will soon be yours
But what I crave is already mine
Anima vestra anima
Anima vestra anima