Hi Chord Laufey

Capo 0 with [G] [D] [Am] [C] [Bm] [Bb] [Cm]

I want to say hi to you
I have no reason to
But I thought of you while driving today
With Louis on the radio
I remembered how you loved him so
We’d play his records, dance real slow
I guess
That I’m missing you
I know it’s out of the blue
I haven’t thought of you for more than weeks

Now I’m dreaming of the moonlight glow
On your little studio
We both knew I had to go away

Away to a place
Much bigger than this
Away from the land of fish and sea
To something new, a skyline view
4300 miles from you
It’s complicated
You are my hometown love
Moved to the city of
Angels and I wish that you were here
Now I’m in my empty studio
Don’t dare to call, don’t dare to know
If you want to say hello to me

Now I’m dreaming of your moonlight glow
From my empty studio
Hoping that you’ll say hello to me