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Hello everyone, are you looking for Grey Space Chord Cavetown, here are the chords for the song. Since I’m looking for chords, there may be some inaccuracies, I’d be happy to help you with guitar playing this songKhaTo Guitar will always be with you

Grey Space Chord Cavetown Video

Grey Space Chord Cavetown

Capo 4 with [C] [Am] [Em] [D] [E] [Dm]

I miss the grey space
I was perfect and cold and afraid
Always played by the rules of the game
If you lose, then the grayscale will put you to shame

I miss the grey space
It was comfortable, wasting away
And I romanticize the idea of a life
Hypnotized by a rose-tinted grey space
Mhmm, mhmm
Mhmm, mhmm

Stay inside my arms and squeeze my thumb
You’re losing ’cause you’re trying to let go
You’re losing cause you’re never well alone


I heard so much life back in waitin’
I know that it’s easier staying this way
But I’m being so mean
And you’re caught in between
And I know that this happened yesterday
But please won’t you stay
Please won’t you stay

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