Euthanasia Chord Will Wood

Capo 0 with

I was right there
While you fought tooth and nail
Gasping in the gas mask thrashing
Til you disappeared
Say you’re not scared
That you know it’s cause I cared and
Say you know I love you
And that hope was just not there

And I know, I know that I’m wrong
That when you’re gone, you’re gone
And I can’t bring you home
But I want, I want to believe
That you’ll remember me
When you’re just memory

Roots in the ground
Or uploaded to the cloud or
Warm inside our hearts or
As electrons in our head nowhere now
Over the rainbow,
Can I stop by and say hello and
Sorry I would take
It back if I could but I know

To love one from too far to call
It’s not to love at all
To whom is it I talk?
But I want, I want to believe
That you can still hear me
When you’re just memory


Said “It’s okay”
And ”It’ll all be over soon, I’d
Never let a bad thing happen to you
Now goodnight, I love you”

And every, everybody dies
Fighting for their lives
Just trying to survive
Well now I know, I know why we say
That there’s a better place
That waits beyond the grave

And I know, I know it’s not true
There’s just no more you
But as long as there’s no proof
Then I choose, I choose to believe
That we’ll meet in sweet dreams
After you’re put to sleep