Bryan Adams – Welcome to Hollywood

Capo 0 with [G] [F] [Am] [C] [D] [A#] [A] [E] [Bm]

Yeah, welcome to Hollywood!
What’s your dream?

Tell me what’s your dream
I know you’ve got one
It’s like a map to your life
You’ll be lost until you’ve caught one
Get up on your feet
It’s a crazy town
Get out on the street
Go an’ shake it down
So stick with me and you’ll see where
This is goin'

You’ll see the city’s heartbeat
In every square of concrete
Come follow me now
Welcome to Hollywood

There’s danger in the streets
It’s all around you
But never fear
Let hope and faith surround you
Take care of each other, I promise one day
The stars on the sidewalk will show you the way
Don’t give up until
Your dreams have found you

When you’ve arrived you’ll know it
The night’s alive
They say it’s a jungle out there
Welcome to Hollywood

With bright neon lights you can party
All night here in Hollywood Hollywood
Things will be fine cuz the sun’s
Always shinin’ in Hollywood Hollywood
I live for today, not a care come what may
Here in Hollywood Hollywood
Ahh, me and my friends, yeah
The fun never ends here in Hollywood Hollywood


Hopes and dreams are what
This town is made of
So give it a shot
You got nothin’ to be afraid of
You’ll see me here and you’ll see me there
You just might see me everywhere
But first you must believe
Yes you must believe
If you just believe

We welcome your arrival
We wish you well
Survival’s the name of the game
Welcome to Hollywood