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Break My Heart Chord Rod Wave Video

Break My Heart Chord Rod Wave

Capo 1 with [Am] [C] [F]

I got stabbed in my back and crossed so many times
I don’t know who to trust, think everybody lyin’ (Lyin’)
I be finna give up, ’cause I’m so tired of tryin’ (Tryin’)
Crawl under a rock, and isolate my mind (Mind)
Ion’t want no broke friends ’cause I’m larger than a btch (Larger)
Don’t want no rap friends, ’cause they be flawer than a btch
My old friends changing, seen it in HD (In HD)
If you a fake-flawed fck ngga then what that make me, huh? (Make me)
‘Cause I was cool with you, ngga
Broke in houses, skipped school with you, ngga
Stood on the block and broke the rules with you, ngga
The whole time you was foolin’ me nigga (Foolin’ me now)
Who would’ve knew the price we paid for platinum plaques
This fortune and this fame got strings attached (Strings attached)
People get to actin’ weird when fame attached (Fame attached)
Come around and live they life with my name attached (Oh-woah-oh)

I said, “Girl, where you going?” (Where you going, love?)
“You can’t stay a little while longer?” (Why you going, love?)
The real from the fake and the fake from the flawed (And the fake—)
Gettin’ harder to tell ’em apart (Apart)
And it breaks my heart, (My heart)
And it breaks my heart (It really breaks my heart)
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart (It really breaks my heart)
You really broke my heart, I—
Why you break my heart? (You break my heart)
Break my heart (You break my heart), yeah
It broke my heart, and it breaks my heart (Break my heart)

Yeah, yeah
What’s up fam’, that’s how you feel family? (Oh, woah)
Real from the fake, and the fake from the flawed
Harder to tell them apart (Ayy, the world gon’ hear this)
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart (Ayy, can you hear me?
Is this shit going? Is this mic on?)
Nigga real is rare, just know
Every day, I’m trying not to hate myself
But lately, it’s not hurtin’ like it did before

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