Boyfriends Chord Harry Styles

Capo 5 with [G] [D] [Am] [C] [Em]

They think you’re so easy
They take you for granted
They don’t know they’re just
Misunderstanding you
You, you’re back at it again

Weekend, when you get deep in
He starts secretly drinking
It gets hard to know what he’s thinking
You you, love a fool who knows just
How to get under your skin
You, you, you still open the door

You’re no closer to him
Now you’re halfway home
Only calling you in, don’t wanna be alone, no
And you go, why? You don’t know

Are they just pretending?
They don’t tell you where it’s heading
And you know the gamе’s never ending
You, you lay with him
As you stay in a daydrеam
You feel a fool, you’re back at it again

Ooh, ooh