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Hello everyone, are you looking for Better Chord Cavetown, here are the chords for the song. Since I’m looking for chords, there may be some inaccuracies, I’d be happy to help you with guitar playing this songKhaTo Guitar will always be with you

Better Chord Cavetown Video

Better Chord Cavetown

Capo 1 with [D] [G] [A] [Bm] [Em]

I look so much better so I guess I’m alright
And I’ve got everything together and I’m glad I’m alive
But everything feels better on the edge of a knife
And I really wish I didn’t have to lie to you

Start crying in my room
I wanna be someone you
You feel better around but
I don’t know if I can get better for you

Feel like I’ve turned by body inside out
My head is burning like a machine, tryna cool it down
I’ve figured I’d have gotten used to this by now
I gotten nearly everything I ever hoped I’d have

So why am I still sad?
I teared myself in half
Narcoleptic insomniac
I didn’t think that it would ever get this bad

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