Autumn Chord NIKI

Capo 0 with [C] [Am] [F] [G]

I carved my name, into your ribcage
We talked of lands, away from this cage
You said, “Don’t fret love, someday I’ll be my own man.
I’ll be free”

Oh, but darling did you mean
Darling did you mean, free from me?
You promised home,
The kind I’ve never known
But here we are
Skin and flesh and beating hearts
I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing wrong
You said, “let’s make ourselves our very own brigade.
This love our shield our blade”

Oh, but darling did you see
The cuts from which I bleed
It’s me you’ve slain
I didn’t obliterate these walls for you
To come and raid my home
And here you are, right next to me
Ironically, I’ve never felt more alone
I fell for you, faster than I fell apart

And I guess I’m the one to blame
For letting myself fall too hard
I ripped my heart and put it in your hands
In hopes that we’d put up a fight
How paradoxical, since now all I can think about
Is when will we stop trying
Ohhhh , how do we stay afloat
When do I let go
All you do is blindside me, it’s hard to be brave
But when the night cuts into the day it’s your love I crave,
I must’ve thanked my lucky stars too much,
They left me sitting in too much dust

You know all my dreams
You were one, so it seemed
And I loved you but with you
It’s heartache I breathe
You gave it your all, just with everything you took from me